Partnership. A Culture of Caring

We believe that the success of a project is directly tied to a team approach in which all partners are valued. The team encompasses not only the owner and the construction manager, but also the architects, engineers, owner’s representative, trade contractors, and local jurisdictions. HSC takes great care to choose partners who reflect our values.


Our vision is to be the “partner of choice on the most challenging of projects.” In order to realize that vision, HSC recognizes that we must first fully understand the client’s vision by being careful listeners. During the preconstruction phase, the HSC team takes every measure to plan out a successful project. This may include site visits to understand the landscape and foresee potential obstacles. Every bit of intelligence that is gathered is reviewed with the client so they can make sound decisions.

As the project moves to the construction phase, we operate with complete transparency so the client understands all schedule and budget considerations. Clients place their full trust in HSC and know that their best interest is always our top priority.

“HSC provided excellent project management, completing the work on time and within budget. Their project team was attentive to the client’s needs; clear in their communications to client, architects and contractors alike; knowledgeable and effective in pursuit of value engineering; and adaptive and supportive of the priority changes imposed by the client.”

Kevin Pelin, Former VP of Manufacturing Operations, Neose Technologies, Inc.

Architects / Engineers

Every project begins with a great project design. HSC understands the level of creativity and detail that designers originate in their designs. As the plans transfer to us as the construction management firm, we have a team of experts who have decades of experience in that particular industry segment. Architects and Engineers know that HSC will bring the design to life and if there are questions along the way, we immediately connect with the designer to clarify their intent. Simply, we are easy to work with … we want the client’s vision to come to light.


HSC encourages 360 degree feedback from all of our partners, especially trade contractors who are the front-line workers. Weekly owner’s meetings include subcontractors who share progress reports and offer troubleshooting options as needed. HSC understands their input is vital to the project’s success; we work collaberatively with them.

Once a project is completed at the site, it’s not entirely over for HSC. We take a next step by conducting a “lessons learned” meeting. Our aim is to always improve our approach, methods and efficiency.


HSC creates an environment providing employees the opportunity to work on interesting projects in the healthcare, bio-pharma and higher education sectors.

We continuously develop our employees to meet the needs of the ever-changing construction industry. This development includes mentoring as well as improvement training in the systems and processes specific to our industries.

HSC has established a Resident Expert Program that develops experts for our sectors and for systems and processes such as MEP and Virtual Design & Construction. Our resident experts continuously stay attuned to the latest trends in their respective areas of expertise. Each expert provides training to all other employees keeping everyone knowledgeable about industry trends. This Resident Expert Program provides a tremendous support mechanism for all our clients and staff.