Master Plan Studies

“Every step forward must have a good reason.”

No one can accurately predict the future, but one can create a roadmap that enables a client to chart the course of intended expansion, or contraction, on a campus or within a complex of buildings. Assembling the appropriate team to analyze the why, what, how, and when of any contemplated project is key.

  • The why is the vision … the reason, the need of the project.
  • The what is the required program itself … the scope, the cost, and the desired result.
  • The how is the logical, logistical, rational approach to delivery.
  • The when is the construction sequencing, its timeline, and milestones.

A Master Plan (campus, building or project-focused) should be done with the combined efforts of the institution’s leadership, the design team and the construction management staff. Needs, ideas, costs and locations are debated, refined and approved into a guideline document which supports the feasibility of each project. A campus-wide Master Plan serves as a necessary financial tool, allowing the institution to plan for, and control, future capital expenditures by creating a database of life expectancies for infrastructure, physical buildings and systems.