Partnership — Culture of Caring

We believe that the success of a project is directly tied to a team approach in which all partners are valued. The team encompasses not only the owner and the construction manager, but also the architects, engineers, owner’s representative, subcontractors, and local jurisdictions. HSC takes great care to choose partners who collaborate for the betterment of the project.


Our vision is to be the “partner of choice on the most challenging of projects.” In order to realize that vision, HSC recognizes that we must first fully understand the client’s vision by being careful listeners. During the preconstruction phase, the HSC team takes every measure to plan out a successful project. The effort may include site visits to understand the unforeseen conditions and uncover potential obstacles. HSC’s experts are “information providers,” filtered through our expertise and experience. We provide accurate and timely information so that clients can make informed, sound decisions.

As the project moves to the construction phase, HSC executes the plan and remains flexible if changes occur along the way. We operate with complete transparency so that the client understands all schedule and budget considerations. Clients place their full trust in HSC and know that their best interest is always our top priority.

“HSC provided excellent project management, completing the work on time and within budget. Their project team was attentive to the client’s needs; clear in their communications to client, architects, and contractors alike; knowledgeable and effective in pursuit of value engineering; and adaptive and supportive of the priority changes imposed by the client.”

Kevin Pelin, Former VP of Manufacturing Operations, Neose Technologies, Inc.

Architects | Engineers

Every project begins with a great project design. HSC respects the level of creativity and detail that designers manage. Architects and engineers can trust that we understand the design process based from our extensive design-build portfolio. We bring a team mindset to provide constructability analysis during preconstruction to avoid any unnecessary re-designs.

Designers can be rest assured that HSC will bring the design to life. If there are questions along the way, we immediately clarify the designer’s intent. We give you the information you need so that you are efficient and effective in your design.

“HSC accomplished an upgrade to all life safety, environmental comfort, energy conservation, and accessibility issues with skill and sophistication, while preserving Princeton University’s Jones Hall interior environment. It was a distinct pleasure to work with the entire HSC team.”

Michael J. Mills, Partner, Mills & Schoering Architects, LLC.

Trade & Suppliers

HSC team members know that we cannot reach success unless our trade and supplier partners are first successful. Therefore, we manage projects in a way that creates a smooth workflow. When those unforeseen problems arise, we collaborate with our trade contractors and suppliers to find the best solution for the project. We encourage 360 degree feedback from all team members, especially those on the front-line. Because of this, we have a reputation for fairness and that we do care.

“As an Operations Manager for Accuray for the past 7 years, I have managed many radiation vault construction projects in the U.S. and Canada and without doubt, HSC is one of the best construction firms I have had the opportunity to work with. The attention to detail, quality workmanship, and excellent communication provided by the HSC team was instrumental to the success of our project.”

Linda Maynard, RN, MSN, MBA, OCN, Regional Operations Manager U.S. & Canada, Accuray Inc.