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HSC has the technical expertise and construction talent to successfully manage museum, historic, and early 20th century renovation projects. We offer a wide array of services including preservation, restoration, and adaptive re-use of period historic structures; project management; site work; infrastructure upgrades; and building inspections.


Museums are high profile spaces tailored to engage, entertain, and educate the public. The design and construction efforts require highly collaborative planning sessions. HSC participates early so that the team honors architectural features and identifies infrastructure upgrades such as sound management, media presentations, visual effects, hands-on features, temperature and humidity control, pressurization, and lighting schemes. HSC has the proven expertise to work among priceless collections and to construct new interactive exhibits of cultural artifacts.


Quality restoration is a unique specialty that focuses on interpreting the vision of the original design and then delivering superb craftsmanship. When beginning a highly detailed reconstruction effort on a historic structure, there are many aspects that must be considered before any work is completed. For instance, HSC may incorporate salvageable materials or may be required to use quality 21st century materials to replicate or mimic the original design. With decades of experience, HSC’s experts know how to tailor a plan to address the many key drivers of a historic renovation such as governing agency requirements, owner’s vision, design elements, and constructabilty.

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