Clients requiring advanced technology systems must continuously meet strict governmental regulations, provide impeccable documentation, and maintain complicated building systems. Our clients are always looking to ensure they are at the forefront of the latest industry trends. HSC fully understands these challenges and the critical nature of the various facility types, whether it is new construction or a renovation.

We have always had a dedicated group focused on these critically high standards that is innate for the pharmaceutical and biotech client. Whether it is a parenteral vaccine, an oral solid dosage facility, infrastructure upgrade, or a work-lifestyle upgrade project, the standards remain just as high for each project.

As the cell and gene therapy market continues to grow at a rapid pace, clients look for new innovative ways to execute projects quicker and more efficiently. In this new era of medicine, risk mitigation begins with the facility and process design, and must remain an ongoing consideration among isolation systems, barrier technologies, and process closures.

For more than three decades, HSC has delivered wet and dry labs, vivaria, manufacturing lines, infrastructure upgrade projects, and environmentally controlled warehouses. Our experts have spent their entire careers delivering projects with high degrees of sensitivity such as cGMP spaces, central utility plant upgrades, pilot plants, and clean rooms. Each of these projects bring their own set of user-defined requirements.

HSC’s project knowledge spans beyond the prototypical construction manager. Our knowledge brings value to our clients from the user-requirement development stage to the validation-execution stage of the project.

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