Penn Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology Renovation

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This intensive infrastructure upgrade involves structural reinforcement of the Egyptian Gallery walls, HVAC upgrades, climate control, window replacement, loading dock reconfiguration, new elevators, and ADA accessibility. Air conditioning is brought to two thirds of the Museum’s public spaces while new ramps and elevators allow the Museum areas to be fully ADA accessible. The project includes complete refurbishment of the historic Harrison Rotunda, one of the largest auditoriums on the Penn campus. An upgrade of the Egyptian storage rooms in Coxe Wing brings full climate control to protect the important collection of highly fragile ancient textiles and papyri.

As part of the renovation effort, the 3,000-year-old sphinx had a monumental 300-foot journey. The 12.5-ton sphinx moved from its 1926 Lower Egyptian Gallery perch to a new location at the main entrance. HSC and our vital trade partners coordinated this three-day, high-tech maneuver.

SF: 61,000
Architect: Gluckman Tang Architects
Engineer: Keast & Hood Company