Cooper University Hospital MRI Suite

Camden, New Jersey

The Cooper University Hospital’s new MRI suite included the existing control area to be combined with new construction to create a new final configuration. New Quench venting was routed through the operational hospital kitchen and medical records department. The route for the magnet delivery was modified for optimal movement of the coil through the corridor. An RF Shield was installed requiring numerous existing utilities above the new shield to be accommodated with creative reconfigurations. This new suite is immediately adjacent to an existing operational MRI room which remained undisturbed during construction. Also adjacent is a CT scan area in which its equipment room is shared with the new MRI equipment.

SF: 1,700
Architect: Array Healthcare

  • I have never worked with any other organization in my career that has my complete professional confidence and serves the best interests of the client.Charles H. Bickel, Director Facilities Management Department, Cooper University Hospital