University of Delaware Brown Lab

Newark, Delaware

The University of Delaware was experiencing issues with water infiltration into their magnet hall located in Brown Laboratory. Given the sensitive and high-value nature of the equipment, it was imperative that the HVAC system be altered and returned to a fully operational state as quickly as possible. Tests indicated that the building could maintain acceptable temperature levels with a shared air-handler shutdown for no longer than 72 hours. This 72-hour window incorporated an impressive amount of work: remove the unit, have it altered and tested, set the dunnage steel, patch the roof, replace the unit back on the roof, tie-in the duct, re-pipe the chilled water, and alter the electric feeders so that the units could be reinstalled. The entire process demanded very precise scheduling of trades as well as coordination of materials. HSC and its subcontractors completed each of the two required shutdowns in 52 hours, well under the allotted 72 hours.

Architect: BKM Engineering