Integrated Project Delivery

HSC Builders & Construction Managers holds the distinction in being one of the first construction management firms in the Delaware Valley to venture into an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) agreement. With IPD, all project stakeholders enter into a single, poly-party contract among the owner, designer, construction manager, and key trade contractors. This contractual bond requires a collaborative effort in design, planning, implementation, and construction. The entire team is involved in every phase, from conceptual development through to commissioning. All stakeholders share both the risks and rewards.

IPD Utilizes Lean Principles

Lean methodology is especially important in an IPD contractual arrangement. Common goals for all team members include fewer changes, tighter schedule, and lower costs. To meet these goals, lean principles help eliminate the waste that burdens the project with unnecessary time and dollars. To learn more about Lean tools and methods, see HSC Lean Tools.