HSC’s Higher Education Expertise

Every project, large or small, has an impact on the institution’s staff and students, campus master plan, capital budget and, of course, its school calendar. Understanding the necessity of a project provides the delivery team (owners, department heads, designers, and constructors) with an appreciation for the importance of milestone schedules, clear communication, and prompt decision making.

Whether 1) updating a live & learn environment in order to grow student enrollment, 2) adding multi-purpose classrooms or new labs to attract & retain high-caliber professors, or 3) building a new research facility to encourage grant funding, we know that bringing a renovated or new facility online, on time, is never an arbitrary decision.

Similar to working in the healthcare environment, potential facility shutdowns, excessive noise, adaptation to the users’ needs, people and material logistics, along with student and staff safety are all part of any project’s “master” execution plan. HSC’s experienced team focuses on the what can happen as keenly as on the what needs to happen. We refine logistics, debate contingency plans, and secure buy-in at every step before the commencement of the construction process.

HSC’s Higher Education portfolio has a 30-year history of helping colleges, universities, and academic medical centers achieve their goals of providing the very best living and learning environments for their students, their staff, and their communities. Our classroom buildings, teaching labs, living and dining complexes, and sports facilities represent the next generation in campus life.

Higher Education Portfolio: