HSC’s Healthcare Expertise

Healthcare executives look for knowledgeable partners for the delivery of their facility needs. They need a construction team who understands the impact of a completed project on their strategic business goals. Some of those goals may be to relieve waiting time in the Emergency Department; to provide for the most sophisticated new medical equipment, procedures, and research; or simply to create the most stress-free environments for patients, families, and staff. Therefore, the owners need a construction management firm that understands how each environment impacts the quality of healthcare delivery.

HSC Builders and Construction Managers executes healthcare projects both simple and complex, on campus and off, from site preparation and infrastructure to renovations and major expansions. Operational disruption, excessive noise, sterility, and patient/staff safety are of the utmost priority, all carefully addressed in the preplanning phase of every endeavor. Early visioning sessions with all stakeholders identify specific needs and potential conflicts which are analyzed and reconciled before construction ever begins.

HSC has a 25-year portfolio of successful healthcare projects for regional hospitals, health systems, and academic medical centers. Some of the projects range from Emergency Departments to Diagnostic Suites, from ORs to Med/Surg Floors, and from on-campus parking garages to off-campus medical office/ambulatory care buildings. No matter the size of our task, our commitment to the highest level of client support and professional service remains the same.

Healthcare Portfolio: